Feeling A Mite Peckish…

A blog with food shots, taken when I am Feeling A Mite Peckish.
All fair game: Appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, desserts, hors d’oeuvres, grub, chow, eats, nibbles, you name it.

All in F-U-N. No gourmandistic urges or gourmet pretentions. No soulful insights. Just pictures and places.
NOTE: No pixels ever are harmed in the shooting of these plates, platters, bowls, skillets, etc…
The vittles? Typically after the shot, they are demolished. That is the risk the vittles assumed when embarking on the career path of “vittles.”

Show me your food?  In the Comments.

Featured post

Beach Cottage Water Disaster!!

The very nice owners at Beach Adventures mail us a packet of photo greeting cards every year we rent from them, with a gracious note about their rental season.

And, in August, 2018, they report that the cottage had a burst water line in the upstairs bathroom that swamped the place.
Two new bathrooms.  Renovated Kitchen.  Renovated laundry room.
And, they lost 6 weeks of rental at the end of high season while repairs dragged on….

Looking forward to going again, and seeing the updates.  Really, our favorite cottage we have ever used.

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