After Hours Parking Lot Cookie Deal

She sat in the shadows in her minivan, surveying the scene.
I did likewise.
You could slice the tensions right out of the air, like licking the white stuff out of an Oreo.
She stepped into the dim light of the shuttered bike shop parking lot, and waited for me to do the same.
I says, “Got the goods?”
She says, “I’d like to see the color of your money.”
I showed her my three Abe Lincolns.
“Satisfied? I’d like to check the merchandise now.”
It passed. “OK.”
She snatched the cash and flipped me a George Washington.
I collected the goods.
We backed away, into the shadows again, not breaking eye contact for a moment.

It was a quiet trip back to the house and I was happy to arrive safely.
Slipped through the door and announced, “Heart Throb, I got you four boxes of Thanks A Lots from the Girl Scouts of America!”
Heart Throb says, ” Well, thanks a lot.”

Even with the stress and peril, it was a good night’s work.

Going Deep Thud!!

Pork and Sauerkraut
Slow-cooked with a bit of Apple and Onion
And a heap of Mashed Potatoes.

“Deep, Deep Warm Thud Food for an Icy Night.”
And, speaking of ice, special shout out to the alchemy experts at Big Boss Brewery and a glass of Hell’s Belle Belgian Ale.

Blizzard Beating Roast Beef

We saw snow flakes. I said, “Heart Throb, we’re entering the teeth of the blizzard. We may not get out til Spring!!! I’m heading out for the Lion fer TP, milk, eggs, and bread!! I can only hope and pray to make it back!!”
Heart Throb says, “Forget that and go to Jersey Mike’s for that good roast beef!”

Fellers, you should aspire Always to pursue matrimonial bliss with an intelligent lady with boundless savoir faire, just like I did.
Jersey Mike’s #6
Roast beef
Assorted veggies
Weathering the Storm in comfort!

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