Papa Murphy, Heart Throb, and Me

Heart Throb says, “It’s about time we have a pizza round here.
Me: “Should I invite Papa Murphy for lunch?”
Her: “Make it so.”
Me: “Aye-aye, Heart Throb.”

We’re quite grateful for Papa Murphy’s company, fleeting as it is.
And the weekend BOGO is most excellent!

Steak Sanch and fixins

So I stumbled into a nice couple of thin NY Strips at Harris Teeter and Heart Throb just knew she could put a simple and tasty sandwich in front of me.
Yep. She delivered.
Add in a taste of salad and some peaches and banana, and my Peckishness is totally engaged.

A Very Special Episode: Pumpkin Pie

So, Heart Throb has a new oven. Sailing in shakedown cruise mode.
And, in her boundless wisdom, born of a sea of inestimable kitchen savoir faire, she has decided she should test the pie-baking prowess of the appliance.

Well. Who could possibly expect ME to dissuade her? I mean, if your oven cannot produce a palatable pie, what good is it anyway?
Might as well know early on. That’s what I say.

She has turned out one cherry pie and one pumpkin pie. I’m beginning to get optimistic that by the time she makes another 12 or 15 pies, I may be edging towards believing that oven is OK. Don’t want to jump to any conclusions in haste, you know?

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